Friday, February 26, 2010

Proofs of Love

I've been reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. I've also been watching her videos on You-Tube. The theme for February is (surprise) Love. Although February is almost over, I have some thoughts about Week Five, "Proofs of Love". In the video, she discusses her relationship with her husband.
Proofs of love are also important in other relationships besides as well. As a mother, I like to think that everything I do for my kids (One teen-ager and two young adults) shows how much I love them, but they often take that for granted. What I like to do is to try to share their interests. There may be a new movie they want to see, a music or humor video on you-tube, a new TV show. I like to take them out, individually, for lunch and just talk about pop culture, current events, and maybe something going on in their lives. I’ve been taking jewelry-making lessons from my daughter. I guess doing these things makes me happy.

Monday, February 22, 2010

IRS Terrorism

I was once the victim of the IRS. Based on false information given to the IRS, concerning someone else’s tax problems, I received two letters on the same day. They were dated the same day and mailed as certified mail on the same day. One letter telling me I had to contact them, the other telling me that since I did not respond to the first letter that they were going to assess me for $200,000 dollars. I received this the day before Thanksgiving, my first born was only 3 months old. We spent the first few days scared to death that we were going to be homeless. Fortunately, my husband had access to the tax laws that showed what they were doing was ILLEGAL. Otherwise we would have been paying for legal fees. We took this information, as well as our colicky daughter, to the IRS office, where they admitted that they were fishing for information, which I did not have. A few months later, I was subpoenaed and told the court the same thing. Left the court room and never heard anything about it again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day Secret

I have never told my husband this, because it’s really a secret that we don’t want our men to know. Although none of us would turn down the special dinner or gift, we also treasure the thoughtful things. Last week , my husband had a really rough week at work, his back and arms were achy from stress. Then on Saturday, he had to change an alternator belt on one of our cars. Saturday night was the Cape’s Martini Night. Instead of saying, I’m just going to crash and watch TV tonight, he said “just let me rest for awhile, I might not stay, but you can stay as long as you want”. He went because I wanted to go. I am grateful that he works so hard and he also takes care of the car repairs and house repairs and takes the trash out to the curb every Monday morning. That last part is not a secret.