Monday, February 22, 2010

IRS Terrorism

I was once the victim of the IRS. Based on false information given to the IRS, concerning someone else’s tax problems, I received two letters on the same day. They were dated the same day and mailed as certified mail on the same day. One letter telling me I had to contact them, the other telling me that since I did not respond to the first letter that they were going to assess me for $200,000 dollars. I received this the day before Thanksgiving, my first born was only 3 months old. We spent the first few days scared to death that we were going to be homeless. Fortunately, my husband had access to the tax laws that showed what they were doing was ILLEGAL. Otherwise we would have been paying for legal fees. We took this information, as well as our colicky daughter, to the IRS office, where they admitted that they were fishing for information, which I did not have. A few months later, I was subpoenaed and told the court the same thing. Left the court room and never heard anything about it again.

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