Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Importance of Being True to Youself

You need to be true to who you really are. Sometimes, in relationships, one person feels that the other person has qualities that they lack. If he/she is insecure, they may feel the need to control you to keep you in their life. In the process of doing that, they can kill your spirit. So they can either give up control and let you continue on your path and risk losing you, or by imprisoning you, destroy what they were attracted to in the first place.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Progress Report

I bought a night light that clips to a book so I can read a bit at night after my husband goes to sleep. I had bought the Eckhart Tolle book “A New Earth” some time ago. It is amazing! The only other book I can compare it to is the Bible. Not that I have the same belief in it that many have in the Bible, just that the only way I can get my head around it is to study it like I used to study the Bible. I read a few pages, highlight some lines, rewrite some stuff into my own words and think about what I read and how I can use it in my life. The Oprah web site has transcripts of on-line classes and even homework assignments. This is going to be a big project. I feel that I need to do this to advance my spiritual growth. I have also been practicing awareness. I also would like to meditate daily. For some reason, this has been a difficult habit to sustain.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lesson For Me

Today I am going to start taking control of my life.

Micheal Jackson died yesterday. 50 years old. He probably thought that he had at least another 25 years ahead of him. Although he was close to his children, there were other family members that he did not see very often and other people who he was feuding with and had stopped talking to them. According to the family attorney, prescription drugs may have had something to do with his death.

Lesson: Take care of your relationships and keep your meds to a minimum. People die suddenly all the time. Young people can be in car accidents or have brain aneurisms or meningitis. Don’t let your problems go on. Do something,even if it’s just a baby step. Then you can tell yourself “Now I’m in the process of changing." The next baby step will be easier.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did It Again

Today is the day that I promised myself that I would take one hour out to meditate, write in my journal, and do some deep soul searching about my life purpose-type goals and why I am putting off thinking/doing anything about them, I wound up spending 90 minutes reading about Twitter apps. Now I have to catch up on my to-do list and handle some other stuff that just came up. I am 55 years old. I used to have a life purpose. But my life has changed. I need a new purpose.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First One

Why am I doing this? I guess right now more for myself. If anyone should read this, and gets anything out of this or thinks they can help me, that would be appreciated. I have been bouncing from one thing to another my whole life. I have been deeply interested in religion (was born again at one time). I still am interested in spirituality but I don't think that my way is the right way for everyone. I am much more open than I used to be. I admire other faiths. I try to learn from them. I am more accepting of sexual practices. "Whatever gets you through the night is alright", John Lennon. (I am happily married and straight). I love to travel because I am fascinated by other cultures. I keep up with new music (love Black-Eyed Peas). Yet once in a while, I spend a day listening to my favorites from way back. I have many TV shows that I like, but I can't stomach "reality " shows. I like going to restaurants and am trying to exercise more and drink more water. I have interests that I would like to pursue, like photography, cooking and gardening. But between my to-do list and trying to acquire better habits leaves me with little time or energy.