Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First One

Why am I doing this? I guess right now more for myself. If anyone should read this, and gets anything out of this or thinks they can help me, that would be appreciated. I have been bouncing from one thing to another my whole life. I have been deeply interested in religion (was born again at one time). I still am interested in spirituality but I don't think that my way is the right way for everyone. I am much more open than I used to be. I admire other faiths. I try to learn from them. I am more accepting of sexual practices. "Whatever gets you through the night is alright", John Lennon. (I am happily married and straight). I love to travel because I am fascinated by other cultures. I keep up with new music (love Black-Eyed Peas). Yet once in a while, I spend a day listening to my favorites from way back. I have many TV shows that I like, but I can't stomach "reality " shows. I like going to restaurants and am trying to exercise more and drink more water. I have interests that I would like to pursue, like photography, cooking and gardening. But between my to-do list and trying to acquire better habits leaves me with little time or energy.

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